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Webinar provided by Sarah Elder Nutrition Ltd.
Language - English

Subtitles - none

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  • 50 minute webinar please note there is no Q and A
  • presentation slides (format - pdf)


To watch this webinar online (available for a minimum of 30 days from purchase) you will need access to a computer, phone or laptop that has a browser. Resources are in PDF format.


Level - Advanced


In this webinar we are joined by Registered Dietitian Dawn Power who will be sharing the current evidence base for intervention in emotional eating.


Topics to be covered:


Comprehensive Understanding of Emotional Eating Mechanisms: Participants will gain athorough understanding of the psychological and physiological factors contributing toemotional eating, drawing insights from the latest research findings.


Critical Evaluation of Intervention Strategies: Attendees will be able to understand the current research around emotional eating interventions.


Application of Evidence-Based Approaches: The webinar will empower participants to translate research findings into practical applications to support clients with emotional eating, ensuring that attendees leave with actionable insights applicable to real-life scenarios.


About our Speaker:


Dawn Power is a Dietitian and PhD student at the School of Health at Leeds Beckett University, where she is exploring effective intervention development for adults with lived experience of obesity and emotional eating. Dawn is a Registered Dietitian with recent experience as an Advanced Specialist Dietitian within a Tier 3 Weight Management service. Earlier in her career, Dawn graduated in Public Health and Health Promotion (UCC 2011) and has worked on various health promotion projects. Dawn has an interest in the psychology of eating behaviour, especially disordered and emotional eating.


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Webinar “Exploring Emotional Eating: A Critical Examination of Interventions”

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