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Webinar provided by Sarah Elder Nutrition Ltd.
Language - English

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  • 60 minute webinar with Q and A 
  • presentation slides (format - pdf)


To watch this webinar online (available for a minimum of 30 days from purchase) you will need access to a computer, phone or laptop that has a browser. Resources are in PDF format.


Level - Intermediate


In this webinar we are joined by Registered Dietitian Sarah Fuller who shares how we can practically apply current research to support someone nutritionally who needs feeding under restraint for life saving treatment.


Learning Outcomes for the Webinar:

Understanding Dietetic Guidance on Feeding Under Restraint. Attendees will develop an understanding of the principles and practical applications of dietetic guidance when working with clients needing the intervention of feeding under restraint for life saving treatment.

Navigating Ethics and Legalities in Feeding Under Restraint: Our speaker will share the ethical and legal dimensions of providing nutritional support to individuals under restraint.

Reducing Trauma: We will share effective clinical nutritional strategies and approaches to support a reduction of trauma in the context of feeding under restraint. This includes sensitivity to the psychological aspects of nutrition, aiming to create a more supportive environment for those people needing this intervention for life saving treatment.

Practical application through Case Studies: Through the sharing of real-life case studies and example dietetic plans, our speaker will share the consideration we need to take into account when being involved in shared decision-making in the context of feeding under restraint.


About the Speaker:


Sarah Fuller

Sarah is currently the clinical lead dietitian for CAMHS in Northamptonshire and has worked in the NHS since 2005. She is also a research dietitian at Imperial College London, researching naso-gastric tube feeding under physical restraint in mental health and paediatric wards. Sarah has published several papers on this topic including how to modify Dietetic and nursing practice, management of ethical and legal guidance, and how to improve care.

Sarah is on several NHS England steering groups, namely, the eating disorders and ARFID groups as well as the reducing restrictive practice group. Sarah was also involved in the development of the Medical Emergencies in Eating Disorders (MEED) guidance from the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2022. In addition to this Sarah has honorary contracts for teaching with University College London and the Royal College of Paediatrics.



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Webinar “Practical nutrition guidance on feeding under restraint”

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