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Webinar provide by Sarah Elder Nutrition Ltd.
Language - English

Acess to resource page with:

  • 60 minute webinar with Q and A 
  • presentation slides (format - pdf)
  • additional resources (format - pdf)

Watch webinar online (available for a minimum of 30 days from purchase) you will need acces to a computer, phone or laptop that has a browser. Resources are in PDF format.


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this webinar you will be able to:

Demonstrate an understanding of restrictive intake self-harm (RISH) and distinguish it from eating disorders.

Acquire knowledge and skills in considering nutritional factors when working with clients who have a diagnosis of RISH.

Review various approaches for delivering nutritional interventions to clients with RISH.


We will have shared case examples of how we can support clients nutritionally with RISH.


About our Speaker:

Ursula Philpot

Ursula Philpot is a consultant dietitian with a specialist interest in eating disorders and disordered eating. She has contributed extensively to national programmes and guidelines including membership of the: NICE guidelines for eating disorders, NICE standards for eating disorders , BDA clinical guidelines group, and the Clinical Reference Groups advisory panel. Ursula is a senior lecturer at Leeds Beckett University

Website - and and

Instagram- @insighteating

You can pay online only - we cannot accept invoices. This is a one off payment for access to the webinar.  Once you have purchased on our webiste you will recieve a PDF with inforation of how to access the resource page with the webinar and assoicated materials. Please allow 24 hours for this to arrive. 
Refunds - not accepted unless there is an issue with the recoding of the webinar that cannot be rectified. 


On purchasing this webinar you are agreeing to the terms and conditions are available at


Webinar on Restrictive Intake Self Harm (RISH) and the Role of Nutrition

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