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Book Review: The 30 Plan by Catherine Rabess

So this week I have been delving into "The 30 Plan" by my wonderful colleague Caff Rabess. It’s fair to say I was pretty excited to read this book. It offers a refreshing perspective on incorporating balanced eating habits without falling into the traps of restrictive diets or misleading health trends. Caff is a fountain of knowledge for all things gut health and is conscious of ensuring any information she shares is backed by science and aware of people who may have gastro symptoms due to disordered eating and eating disorders. Instead of fixating on what to eliminate from your diet, the focus shifts towards gradually introducing small, manageable steps aimed at empowering individuals to make better choices for your gut.

The book is divided into two parts. The initial part delves into the science behind our gut and the role of various foods and nutrients that are key to your gut health. The second portion is about the practical things you can do to meet your gut health needs. Readers are guided on how to integrate 30 different plant-based foods into their diet over the course of a week, with a particular emphasis on quality and diversity, not quantity as everyone is different. The book extends beyond dietary considerations and encompasses lifestyle factors such as stress management, exercise, and sleep hygiene.

One of my favourite features of the book is its ability to demystify the science behind nutrition in a clear and enjoyable way. My favourite bits? Firstly, the fact that there are 665milion hits when you type in “gut heath and diet” really goes to show how much information is out there. My top hits have to be ‘apple cider vinegar improves digestion’ and ‘bone broth is good for our digestive system’ as they seem to be two things that are ‘gospel’ on social media. But trust me when I say Caff gets down to the science and shares the real information behind the sensationalise headlines.

However, it's imperative to exercise caution if you’re suffering with a poor relationship with food.  While the information presented in the book is accurate and well-founded, if you’re suffering with an eating disorder or disordered eating your individual needs will differ and consulting with healthcare professionals is paramount.

"The 30 Plan" by Caff is a valuable resource for both healthcare professionals and individuals seeking to optimise their gut health. Grounded in sound scientific principles and delivered with clarity and empathy, it serves as a beacon of guidance in an era marked by nutritional confusion and dietary fads. Far from being a fleeting trend or restrictive regimen, it embodies a sustainable approach to health that prioritises empowerment, education, and individualised care.

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